Healthy fish

Fish are the cheapest and easiest to keep pets, they do not require much maintenance, investment and easily adjust to their new surroundings. Fish cost varies from Rs 50 a pair to Rs 150 a pair for most common varieties of fish. Larger fish like the oscar fish and shark can cost as much as Rs 3000 a fish .

As soon as the fish are put in a new vessel, they will be active and eat all the food which is being supplied. However some fish like koi, guppies can die rather quickly due to unknown reasons and float in the water.

The fish sellers say that change in water could be the cause of the fish death. In other cases fish are just disappearing from the fish bowl where they are being kept. The reason where the missing fish have gone is not known, they may be eaten by the other fish.

Black bears no longer spotted in small towns

A few decades ago, it was fairly common to find a bear owner with a black bear roaming from place to place in India looking for donations
Small children would be fascinated, and it would give them the opportunity to see a live bear and there were few forms of entertainment or novelty.
However in the last decade, the bear owners are not bringing their pet bears to cities and towns, as the demand may have reduced, and animal rights activists are more likely to protest
Small children now only see the bears on television in national geographic and similar serials or the zoos

More people keeping pets due to organized stalking

Large companies like google, tata are increasingly using organized stalking to destroy competition, acquire talent and technology cheaply, for identity theft, so that the stolen identity can be used for sex trade, bribery to powerful government employees. A huge amount of indian tax payer money is being wasted to monitor the identity theft victim, the targetted individual, making it difficult to interact with other human beings. almost every person he or she is interacting with, is told extremely defamatory stories or asked to make fake allegations against the identity theft victim, forcing the person to lead the life of a recluse.

So the only diversion available for the organized stalking, identity theft victim remains gardening and keeping pet animals . pet animals are more entertaining as plants are mostly static and grow slowly. however for keeping pet animals there are a number of animal medicine, feeding and healthcare problems to be considered, and it is relatively difficult for a person with almost no social network to get any kind of help or information.

Most of the local pet shop owners are also threatened and told not to provide any information to the pet owner.