Demand for pet animals for movies, videos, television serials

Keeping pet animals can be a very lucrative hobby for some, as there is a lot of demand for pet animals for movies, videos and television serials .
In India, the wealth of a person does not depend on his or her ability, honesty, work ethic, it depends to a large extent on how well connected the person is, the relationship with the all powerful indian intelligence and security agencies. So if a person is well connected, he or she can make plenty of money with relatively less effort, and these people lead a very lavish life, splurging when celebrating events like weddings, parties and anniversaries
They are willing to pay a huge amount for making any event very unique
So for novelty the event planners or event management company will often include animals as part of their routine or show. Most of these animals are sourced from pet owners who are paid a daily amount or a fixed amount for the duration of the shoot or use of animals
In addition to dogs, cats, pigeons are also often in demand
For example in a newspaper classified ad in a goan newspaper, the advertiser wanted six white pigeons for some time. There are many pigeons in goa, however most of the pigeons are grey pigeons unlike mumbai, where white pigeons are more likely to be spotted
So owners of exotic pets can make some money leasing these pets for shows and other events.