Bat guano removal services

Most of the animal pest control services which offer bat removal services will also include bat guano cleanup services as part of their package. The bat guano which has unpleasant odour can adhere to the surface in the attic and is often difficult to remove use conventional methods by home owners. The bat guano will be accumulated in a number of places in the house like the roof , walls, attic, soffit or ground depending on the number, type of bats in the property and the duration for which the bats have been roosting in the property.

For complete removal of bat guano, specialized cleaning equipment is required including high pressure vaccuum to extricate the guano from the surfaces, hoses and insulation bags. In some cases, if the bat guano is deposited on the rolled insulated of the attic, the entire insulation may have to be removed and safely disposed of complying with the local regulatory requirements.

After removing all the bat guano in the house the home may have to be disinfected, sanitized to kill all the bacteria, virus and other ectoparasites which are not easily visible with foggers and paint sprayers. To eliminate the foul odour caused by droppings, the attic and other areas in the house may also have to be deodorized.