Farmers want wild boar and other animals to be declared vermin

People with a small kitchen garden find that the fruits and vegetables that they are growing are often damaged by pests like birds, crows,squirrels and they have to take a lot of measures to ensure that they enjoy the produce, The problem is faced on a larger scale by farmers and the media reported that the farmers in goa wanted the following animals to be declared as vermin
– wild boar
– flying squirrel
– macques (monkeys)
– porcupine
so that they could kill these animals without facing any punishment under the wildlife protection act. At present these animals are protected under the wildlife protection act, and the farmers claim that they are damaging a large part of their crop, often causing losses of Rs 5-6 lakh, so they wish to declare them as vermin. In some states in north India like bihar, protected animals like nilgai are declared as vermin, as they destroy the crops