Taiyo turtle food pack broken and scattered due to home intrusions in panaji, goa

강아지 사료

Almost nothing is disturbed in the Mumbai home of the google competitor when she is not there for months, however in panaji, goa due to the endless fraud the google competitor, engineer is being subjected to, almost every day some thing is damaged by the google, tata employees and their associates in panaji, goa after entering the house with duplicate keys.
After breaking the branches of a teak tree, ajwain plant and papaya plant , the intruders in campal area did not even leave a pack of taiyo turtle food intact. The taiyo turtle food was expensive costing Rs 80 and had hardly been used.
The taiyo turtle food pack was ripped open and all the food was scattered on the floor of the house, indicating the high levels of hatred in panaji, goa , causing problems to the google competitor and the red eared slider turtle

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