Dairy development budget


Rs 10881 Crore budget for dairy development in India in next 11 years ( around Rs 1000 crore per annum).The break up is as follows :

Beneficiary : 95 lakhs Farmers in 50000 villages ( meaning 190 farmer per village ( on an average)
Employment : 40000 direct and 200000 indirect jobs.
Break up of 10881 Crores :
From Nabard as a loan : Rs 8004 Crores to be provided to NDDB and NCDC
End borrowers contribution : Rs 2001 Crores
NDDB and NCDC Contribution : Rs 12 Crores
Dairy department against
interest subvention : Rs 864 Crores

Infrastructure development

a. Milk processing Capacity : 126 Lakh Litres per day
b. Milk Drying Capacity : 210 Tonnes ( Milk equivalent 20-25 lakh Litre per day)
c. Chilling Capacity : 140 Lakh Litres per day
d. Bulk Milk cooler : 28000 BMC of 5000 liters for creating 140 lakh liter milk chilling capacity per day along with milk adulteration testing machines

Crows eat mouse caught in glue trap


The mouse eating the plants in the terrace garden was caught in the glue trap immediately, and it appeared to have died in the next morning itself. The dead animal was emmitting a strong odour and a large number of flies wanted to feast on it, however they were also trapped.
On the next day, the rat trap was in the same place, however the dead rat appeared to have disappeared
The crows may have attacked and eaten the deat rat as food
However there are a large number of dead flies still on the rat trap. The odour emitted had also largely subsided
It appears that glue traps are an effective way of catching rats and mouse, especially in a small area.