Damage caused by humans or animals

One of the main disadvantage if there is no one at home, is that the risk of trespassing is very high and the person trespassing may or many not take valuable items. After the home owner has come back , it is very difficult to find out whether the damage is caused by animals like rats, mice, cats , squirrels, birds or other or by one or more human being
When there is a hole or damage to the doors a person can be assured that human trespassers were involved, however when small items like flowers are stolen, pet food disappears, it is difficult to find out who is responsible.
In many cases, all the items on the shelf are disturbed, some of them are on the floor, and there is no sign of tampering

Gluetraps not very efficient for trapping rats and mice

The mice and rats in panaji, goa are very smart at evading all the traps. Conventional mousetraps which are cages made from metal and steel are not working as the mice will avoid entering the traps.
Earlier it was possible to catch some mice, by laying a glue trap in the path which they are likely to take.
However now the glue traps are not working, as no mice are being caught in the glue trap
Instead cockroaches, geckos, spiders and other pests are getting caught in the glue traps
The gluetraps are fairly expensive at Rs 45 or more each, and if no rat is caught, it is a waste of money