Caretaker required for private zoo in Margao

One of the ads which has been repeated in both the bigger english newspapers in goa for the last few months, is that of a person or family in Margao who are looking for staff for their private zoo.
In goa, people complain about the lack of jobs, however it is often difficult to find suitable employees as many people are extremely lazy and status conscious,
In Mumbai, the low end jobs are rarely advertised in the english newspapers as there are other methods, however in goa, the low end jobs are also advertised in english newspapers, because the employers have no way to find suitable staff
In the job profile, they have mentioned that the lady would have to take care of the animals, clean their cages, feed them, and also water the plants in the garden.
The salary offered is better than what a person can make online in goa, Rs 20,000 a month
However it appears that no one is interested in the job, because the ad is repeated many times.
The advertiser is so desperate, that he or she has invited anyone interested to come for a visit to check out the private zoo.

Anyone interested can send an email to