Big white and black cat at mailing address of domain investor

Due to the high crime rate the domain investor does not live in her mailing address overnight. So many animals including humans and cats are criminally trespassing on the property
Since cats can carry covid-19 this can be dangerous.
The white and black cat is fairly large in size, and it runs away immediately after the domain investor enters the house, through the broken door, damaged by the burglars who ransacked the house in october 2018.
Any tips to prevent entry by cats will be greatly appreciated.

Packs of dogs are roaming streets of panaji, during covid19 lockdown

Before march 2020 there were almost no stray dogs roaming around in panaji, goa
During the covid19 lockdown, it appears that a large number of people, who have no food at home, are letting their pet dogs free. These dogs are now forming a pack and roaming the streets of panaji.
On 9 april 2020, the domain investor saw a large pack of at least 15 dogs near the fire brigade, government quarters in st inez, panaji, goa. Some of these dogs appear to be pet dogs, set free since they still have their collar.
It will be dangerous if these dogs attack anyone.