Squirrels, sparrows, cats, crows and other birds dig up pots in panaji,goa scattering mud around them, yet citizens blamed and threatened arrest

Though the covid-19 cases in panaji, goa are increasing, some politicians and their associates like a fraud xerox shop owner continue to waste resources making fake dengue allegations against harmless hardworking overworked citizens, wasting their time.
The fraud xerox shop owner is harassing citizens, taking photos of the mud around their pots and falsely claiming that it is causing dengue to threaten arrest.
The home owner does not live in the house, and a large number of animals and birds like squirrels, sparrows, cats, crows and other birds are digging the pots, scattering the mud around it.
Unlike the fraud panaji xerox shop owner, who has allegedly got his wife a eighth standard pass school dropout, a cbi job FAKING an engineering degree from a top college and has plenty of free time and money, the home owner has no free time and less money, since customers pay only for work done.
So unlike the panaji role model school dropout housewife who has no work at all yet gets a monthly salary only for making FAKE CLAIMS, the home owner has no free time to monitor the cats,squirrels, crows, sparrows, who are digging the pots, and clean up the mess daily.

There are many pots in the area, with mud around them, the home owners are not threatened with arrest, only the home owner harassed by the fraud panaji xerox shop owner is being threatened regularly in a clear example of intolerance and discrimination