French bulldog meets New York police horse in popular video

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This article was written for a client who did not pay for it. For similar articles kindly send email to, Please note that raw/cbi/ntro employees especially dog owning slim goan bhandari sunaina chodan, her lazy fraud sisters are not associated with the website in any way, though the well paid greedy government employees continue with their online fraud since 2010.

Most dogs are naturally curious and socially outgoing, always interested in making friends with others. Unlike people who want something in return for help and love, the dogs love their owners, and everyone around them unconditionally. This makes them excellent pets, ideal companions for those who are alone. Most people who have a pet dog do not feel alone, since the dog is very affectionate. And fortunately for the pet owner, the kindness, loyalty and happiness of the dog is visible to everyone when we take them out, especially for a walk.

The happiness and the energy of the dogs, attracts other people, and many other animals to the dogs. Both people and animals try to befriend the dog, And this was confirmed when a small French bulldog unexpectedly made a new friend while taking a walk in the streets of New York. Though the owner was holding the leash, the bulldog was always look around, trying to find something new. The bulldog was very happy to meet a large brown horse from the New York Police department. People are always fascinated to watch when animals which are of completely different species , which have no similar features or interests come close together and meet.

Though this video was originally posted on the video sharing website Youtube more than two years ago, it is so fascinating that its popularity has increased again this year. When the cute bulldog first spots the horse, he is initially curious and confused. He does not understand whether the horse is a friend or enemy. Soon afterwards he quickly sniffs the horse and realizes that there is nothing he should be afraid of. So he pulls his leash towards the horse so that he can start playing with the horse, like he plays with his owner.

The dark brown horse notices the interest of the little bulldog, and treats the dog very gently. Finally the dog makes friends with the horse. Usually the police horses, like most other horses which work for a living are very tired, and do not socialize with any other animal or people. Hence the handlers of the horse will usually keep them at a distance from other people and animals to prevent conflict and accidents. But this particular bulldog was not going to leave the horse alone, without making friends with him.

So though his owner was holding the bulldog puppy by his leash, the puppy pulled at his leash so he could reach the police horse in his enclosure. The horse was also interested in making friends with the bulldog. This attracted a lot of attention from the people in the area, and all the bystanders took out their cameras to record the incident as the dog came close to the horse. The dog then greeted the horse, booping him on his nose. Both the horse and dog were happy to get acquainted with each other, and all the people watching the incident found it very cute. The popular video of this unusually interaction between a french bulldog puppy and a full grown NYPD horse can be watched on Youtube.

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