Like Madhya pradesh resume theft of engineers, investors from outside the state,imported cheetahs also wandering outside

Times of India has been reporting almost daily on the activities of the imported Kuno cheetahs in the state of madhya pradesh, how these cheetahs are wandering outside the sanctuary in the farmland. Their reporter has forgotten to mention that the imported cheetahs are only following the footsteps of their host state , madhya pradesh , whose officials are wandering outside the state to steal the identity, data of vulnerable citizens, professionals and investors like the domain investor owning this website to get lucrative no work, no investment, central government jobs for housewives in the state.
The domain investor has never visited madhya pradesh, she has no professional connection, yet the madhya pradesh government officials are like the Kuno cheetahs targetting her to steal her identity, data and get lucrative no work, no investment government job for indore housewife raw employee deepika/veena who is only cooking, cleaning for her crooked husband, does not invest money in domains at all.
while the forest department officials are trying to persuade the cheetahs to stop wandering outside, there is no one in india to stop the madhya pradesh government and other states like goa, haryana, gujarat from stealing the identity, resume of investors from outside the state to get lucrative housewives central government jobs since the salary money will be spent or invested only in madhya pradesh