Another imported cheetah dies as karma catches up with the CHEATER madhya pradesh government openly involved in online, financial fraud on online exporters

Though indore’s top cheater raw employee bespectacled housewife deepika/veena has never invested money in domains, does no computer work and has no online income, the GREEDY CHEATER madhya pradesh government like goa,haryana, gujarat, karnataka is openly involved in online, financial fraud on some online exporters like the domain investor owning this website to get the indore cheater deepika/veena a monthly government salary faking domain, bank account ownership
To cover up the financial fraud, government SLAVERY, CYBERCRIME the hardworking single woman is criminally defamed using a combination of fake allegations of security threat, black money and cheating without any proof.
The greedy liar mp officials are experts in manipulating the government system and this online, financial fraud has continued for 13 years without being questioned. though the state has plenty of money to import expensive cheetahs from namibia, it does not have the honesty and humanity to legally purchase the domains, which the wealthy indore fraud raw employee deepika/veena falsely claims to own, especially the .in domains and gets a monthly government salary while the real domain investor is making a huge loss.
Slowly karma is catching up with the state, and another expensive imported cheetah has died according to media reports, due to heart attack. While times of india carries the news of all the activities of the imported cheetahs in great detail, it refuses to cover the animal like behavior of the top government employees in madhya pradesh, ruthless in their financial fraud, criminal defamation of small online exporters to steal their resume after destroying their reputation.