Approximately four lakh goats slaughtered in Mumbai on Bakri Id

According to media reports , approximately four lakh goats are slaughtered this year in Mumbai on Bakri Id. There are a large number of Muslims in Mumbai, and some of the richest Muslims in India are residing in Mumbai.
Many of the goats are purchased from the government abattoir in Deonar.
Some people are purchasing the goats from online sellers and having them delivered to their home.
The price of the goat depends on the weight of the goat and breed.
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Pet boarding facility advertised for sale

Dog & cat, pet boarding facility was advertised for sale in Economic Times
The seller claims that the facility is profitable and asset light.
The business was established in Mumbai 11 years ago
It would be interesting to find out why the business is being sold.

Noida couple offers Rs 1 lakh reward for tracing missing persian pet cat

While some citizens who are victims of government SLAVERY, FINANCIAL FRAUD in the indian internet sector are making huge losses despite working long hours, others have plenty of money. The newspapers reported the case of a noida couple,the kumars who is offering Rs 1 lakh reward to anyone who can trace their missing persian cat cheeku. At first the couple thought that the cat had hidden himself and they would him.
However later while checking the CCTV footage, they found that the cat had left their second floor flat . The cat has left the home more than 15 days ago, and the cat owners are missing him.

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Pet rabbit costing Rs 380 each

Rabbits are ideal pets for those who have sufficient space to keep them.
The local pet shops are selling a rabbit for Rs 380 in a metro city
The rabbit has white fur
If proper care is taken the rabbits will multiply rapidly.
It is difficult to find the price of rabbits online. Rabbit sellers can send their rabbit prices to

Locals loot chicken from truck involved in accident

Chicken are usually transported in open trucks so that they can breathe properly.
Yet this mode of transportation can be a problem if the truck is involved in an accident.
Recently the media reported that a truck carrying chicken was involved in an accident near Agra on the highway.
In this case there was another accident on the highway, it had a cascading efffect with the chicken truck also involved.
Sometimes the locals are exploiting accidents to loot the truck or vehicle.
In this case, the locals exploited the accident to rob the chicken from the truck. Some people stole only one chicken, while others looted several chicken putting them into bags. The truck owner complained he lost chicken of approximately 3 lakh.
It will be very difficult to retrieve the chicken which are lost. Kindly note that greedy gujju stock trader amita patel and other fraud raw/cbi employees are not associated with the website in any way at all since the greedy gujju fraud raw employee refuses to purchase the domains.

Hippopotamus kills cleaner at Lucknow zoo

According to a report in Hindustan Times, a 20 year old hippopotamus killed a cleaner at Lucknow zoo, when the cleaner went to clean the enclosure. The cleaner Suraj Dhanuk was a contract employee and the zoo keeper had a narrow escape, jumping over the walls.
Usually the hippos are locked in the far end of the zoo , when the cleaner goes to clean their enclosure.
However, allegedly the hippos were not locked up properly, and attacked the cleaner
Though the attacked cleaner was taken to the hospital immediately he was declared dead.
The hippo was transferred to lucknow zoo from kanpur zoo.
Hippos are some of the largest land animals at present.

Donkey population in India is declining

According to media reports the donkey population in india is declining rapidly.
The population of donkeys in india has declined from more than 3 lakh in 2012 to approximately 1.2 lakh in 2019.
The rapid decline is allegedly due to the reduced demand for donkeys with vehicles replacing donkeys
Donkey meat and skin remain in demand.
In contrast the population of other livestock like cows, goats has increased.

Get paid to watch monkey and other videos

Get paid to watch monkey and other videos
Watching animal videos is very entertaining.
Monkeys are searching the body of other monkeys for insects which they eat
Get paid for watching monkey and other videos
The amount received depends on the length of the videos

Register for free at Aviso, check the Youtube section use the English translation if you do not understand russian, payment proof available.

Now farms in Tamil Nadu are also breeding exotic animals

Usually the exotic animals are smuggled into india through chennai airport from thailand, because it is closer than other metro cities
Now according to media reports, people in Tamil Nadu have set up farms for breeding the exotic animals.
They can then sell the animals locally or to buyers in other states in india
This increases their profit when they breed and sell animals, since the transportation cost is less
Also there is a lower risk that the animal will die during transportation or will be intercepted by the custom authorities
Many of these exotic animals are sold for Rs 1-5 lakh each.

Several farms are breeding exotic animals in Thailand and Myanmar

Increasingly due to betrayal, people are finding it difficult to trust others and are preferring to keep exotic pets
Regularly the newspapers are carrying the news of exotic animals which are being smuggled into the country, usually from Thailand
While some of exotic animals are from Thailand, many of these animals are native to other countries especially from Africa, South America
Some farms in Thailand are breeding these animals especially monkeys, iguanas, snakes so that they can be sold to buyers in india and other countries
The animals are usually drugged before they are transported by air to india.