Pet chicks chirping and pecking at each other

The chick seller from ponda, selling in panaji market, had sold one white and one dark brown chick to the domain investor.
On the first day January 3, 2019, the pet chicks were chirping very loudly
they were huddling against each other, and also pecking each other
When grains were given to them they were pecking at the grains, and drinking the water.
The domain investor had purchased a cage in her house for a pet bird, the bird had died , so she decided to use the cage for the pet chicks till she was able to get a bigger cage for the pet chicks.
When the domain investor left the birds on Thursday evening, they were normal though they were huddling against each other.

Dead mouse found in bucket of water in domain investors house

On 28 December 2018, the domain investor found that there was a dead mouse in the bucket of water in her house, in panaji, goa. It appears that raw/cbi/security agency employees had caught a mouse and dumped in the water, to harass the domain investor
The water supply in the house is already restricted, she is getting only a small amount of water in the house, and the limited water is now polluted with the dead mouse
Now getting rid of the dead mouse, is going to result in the wastage of more water

Why I Am Buying Two Hamster Cages

I came across a website the other day while searching for some new dog toys for my puppy. As I was looking around, I saw a couple of hamster cages which piqued my curiosity because my son has been asking for a hamster. They had a small selection so I decided to see if there was another website that had a bigger variety to choose from. It did not take very long to come to a site that was dedicated to these cages and all of the accessories a person could want. I have to admit that since I came across this that it really made think that getting my son this tiny pet would be a good thing. It would be fun for him and also help teach him a little bit about responsibility.

I had hamsters as pets when I was a small child and loved them. I wanted to pass this love for animals down to my son. Read more

Goa government revives poultry farming scheme

In Mumbai, there are many people selling small chicks and hens, so anyone interested can keep them at home.
However in goa there are almost no sellers for chicks and hens, for those who wish to keep a pet hen at home though homes are far bigger. The domain investor had enquired at a local poultry shop, and she was told that it was not possible to chicken, she would have to import them from elsewhere.

The goan government facing problems after the mining crisis, is now trying to encourage poultry farming, and is offering incentives to those who wish to start a poultry farm. At present most of eggs and chicken are imported to goa from other states.
According to the newspaper report, there are only 10 poultry farms in goa at present.
Before the mining boom, there were over 5000 poultry farms, now farmers have lost interest in keeping hens, though it is fairly lucrative and a passive source of income.

Anyone who can supply chicks and live hen at a reasonable price in panaji, goa can send an email to

Rats, mice hiding spoons, knives under stove on kitchen platforms

It was observed that there was a major decline in the number of spoons available in a home
The spoons appeared to be disappearing suddenly without any trace, and the family was forced, to purchase new spoons.
After a long time, the gas agency sent their employees to check the gas connection and the gas stove was moved from its usual position
Almost all the missing spoons were found under the stove
So it appears that the mice and rats in the house are carrying the spoons and storing them below the kitchen stove.
Any tips why these mice are hiding the spoons in this manner will be appreciated.

School dropout cbi employee and her husband falsely claim that mosquitoes breed in wet soil

Now that the monsoon is over, and the plumbing in the house of the engineer in panaji, goa was damaged, there is almost no water in the house of the domain investor, yet the google, tata sponsored School dropout cbi employee gujju housewife naina, mother of two sons, who looks like actress sneha wagh , and her chainsmoking husband falsely claim that mosquitoes breed in wet soil

Anyone who has studied biology, is aware of the fact that the mosquitoes only lay their eggs on stagnant water, and there is huge lake in the vicinity of the house of the google, tata sponsored School dropout cbi employee gujju housewife naina.

Instead of taking suitable precautions to prevent the mosquitoes breeding in the lake and creek nearby from entering their house, biting them, the goan governments favorite school dropout naina are falsing claiming that the mosquitoes are breeding in the few plants in the house of the domain investor.

The mosquitoes larvae are only surviving in water, they cannot survive in the soil, yet the school dropout and her hysterical chainsmoking husband continue to make fake allegations which are a figment of their imagination

Major decline in number of mice in homes during monsoon

It appears that the mice and rats are invading homes of people in panaji, goa mainly during spring and summer when the plants outside are drying up
It appears that they do not get any food outdoors during summer, so they are forced to enter the flats of people.
During monsoon there are many edible plants growing in the wild
So the mice are not entering the homes of people living in flats to eat food, cockroaches and other items.
One or more cats may have also contributed to the decline in the mice population.

In Goa, officials ignore mosquitoes in lakes, creeks, harass home owners for water in pots

It is a well known fact that the lakes,ponds and creeks are used by mosquitoes for breeding worldwide. For example, anyone walking around Powai lake,in Mumbai, would often be completely surrounded by a swarm of mosquitoes which are visible to everyone
Yet in a clear case of misplaced priorities, the officials in panaji, goa are ignoring the fact that mosquitoes breeding in lakes and creeks in Panaji, are the most likely source of dengue causing mosquitoes, and harassing home owners, insisting on inspecting their home, falsely claiming that the mosquitoes are breeding in the water in the pots for plants

There is very less water in a plant pot and it evaporates in a few days, so the mosquito larvae cannot flourish, when the water evaporates, they also die . Yet the officials are insisting on inspecting the terrace of homes , which is a clear case of invasion of privacy

Earlier also St Inez Creek was linked to a dengue outbreak, why target homes

How to get rid of rats

If the rats are entering the house from outside, the entry points in the property should be closed with the right material, because rats can eat wood.

The agency hired to get rid of rats will also have to select the most appropriate way to eliminate them. There are many ways of getting rid of rats like rat poison, glue traps, metal cage traps and the effectiveness of these methods will vary to a very great extent. Usually in families with pets and small children, using poison is very risky, so other methods have to be used. Metal cage traps are often not very effective for catching the rats as the rat may not enter the cage. Glue traps for rats may catch some of the rats, however the right size should be selected , because larger rats may be able to break free if they are trapped in smaller traps.

Damage caused by rats, rat control services

Many home and business owners are looking for reliable services providers who offer rat control , to get rid of the existing rats in the home safely and also ensure that the rats do not enter the home in future due to a number of reasons. Rats can create many problems for home owners, like eating food, damaging furniture, killing plants and other items . They can also spread many diseases like plague . If rats are not eliminated immediately after they are detected, they can multiple rapidly, creating major problems for the home owner as the home will be flooded with rats.

Since most of the rats are only active at night, the pest control service provider will first have to find the number of rats in the house, whether they are living in the house or property or entering the house at night from outside. In case of a large property, especially storage areas with a large number of items, finding the hiding areas of the rat can be fairly time consuming.

Some of the rats are entering the house through the holes in the floor while others enter through the open windows.