Cat healthcare

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Cats are also popular pets in many homes, as they require relatively less care compared to dogs who have to be taken for a walk daily. Other than cleaning up the pet excreta, cats do not require any maintenance, they only have to be given food regularly.

If they have any digestion or health problems , the cats are known to eat leaves and grass, to cure their health problems naturally. Like dogs there are many pet services for cats, like pet sitting services, vets who specialize in cats, treat them for their problems.

It is observed that cats are often attacked by dogs, causing loss of eyesight and other health problems. There are a large number of cats with only one eye or damaged eyesight

Keeping birds healthy

Compared to fish , birds are far more difficult to keep at home, because some bird stealing gangs are very active , breaking into homes and stealing the bird . They also find it difficult to adjust to a new cage , and are often very quiet for the first few days.

Cats are also not targetting fish, they mainly target birds, even though the bird is kept in a cage, there are instances when the cat opened the cage and ate birds. So it also important to ensure the room where the bird cage is kept is cat proof and no cat can enter the room.

Compared to fish, birds take a longer time to adjust to a new cage. Again other than the bird sellers, there is usually no one who can provide any information on the birds when ill or new to a cage. Bird flu is a disease connected to birds which was widespread some years ago

Canine health

Dogs are the most popular pets, “mans best friend” and there are a large number of vets specializing in treating dogs for all their problems.

Since dogs have a meat based diet, they often have digestive problems and have to be taken to the doctor, They are also known to eat anything they can find, causing health problems.

Since dogs can cause many dangerous diseases like rabies, they have to be vaccinated periodically, otherwise it can be fatal for the dog or anyone who is playing with the dog

Animal medicine

Animal medicine is most evolved for milk producing animals like cows, buffaloes, sheep, goat, and for beast of burden like horses, donkeys, elephants, which are kept in large farms.

These large animals are periodically vaccinated to prevent infection by diseases, to ensure that they remain healthy and grow quickly. Special care may be taken of sheep to maximize the yield of wool, cows, buffaloes to increase their milk yield.

The price of an animal sold for meat like goats and pigs, depends on the weight of the animal, so the vet and the animal breeder will maximize the weight of the animal.