Demand for earthworms

While most status conscious people like to keep their garden spick and span, one of the advantages of organized stalking is that after some time, the victim will stop caring and do whatever he or she wishes to.
A lot of flora and fauna flourishes in a garden which is not well maintained, and one of the most in demand naturally occuring creatures is the earthworm. During monsoon many people are fishing in the nearby lake and they usually use earthworms as a bait. Some of them have a relative or associate dig the soil in the neighboring are to find earthworms
Earthworms are used in gardening for making the soil fertile and instead of sweeping the fallen leaves, it is better to let them accumulate so that the earthworms, snails and other creatures convert the fallen leaves into soil
The earthworms can also be used to feed fish , birds and other pet animals
As ntro, cbi are regulating and blocking all online payment, income of a google competitor whose resume, investment they have stolen for 10 lazy greedy google, tata sponsored fraud R&AW/CBI employees like indore document robber veena , instead of investing more time and money online,only to have everything sabotaged, it is better to experiment with breeding earthworms, finding potential buyers