Health problems caused by bats

Increasingly due to the loss of their natural habitat, bats are taking shelter in residential and other properties. Though they are largely silent and may not be detected by the home owner for a long period of time, the bats can become a major health hazard and also damage the property with their droppings. In the wild bat guano is used as a fertilizer, however home owners should find out about Bat guano dangers and clean up services if they find any bat in their house, especially in the attic and roofing area, which is not regularly used or visited by those residing in the house.

The amount of bat guano depends on the number of bats roosting in the house, and for how long the bats have been roosting in the house. The odor from the bat guano can make it unpleasant to live in the house as the guano in enclosed places like the attic does not disintegrate quickly like in the open.

The droppings also include potentially dangerous bacteria, virus, disease causing germs, pathogens and fungus. In particular Histoplasmosis, a fungus which flourishes on the bat droppings, is a major health hazard for both people and pets. As the bat guano dries, and the bats or humans disturb it, the pathogens in the bat guano become air borne and spread all over the house becoming a health hazard.