Forestry department disputes farmers claims about damage caused by wild animals

According to media reports, the forestry department in goa is disputing the claims of the farmers who say that wild animals are causing damage to their crops and want them to be declared as vermin. The forestry department, claims that though a large number of farmers are registered, very few have approached them saying that wild animals have caused damage to their crops, so that their claims could be checked.

In case when farmers are complaining, the forestry department is installing camera traps (similar to those used in wild life sanctuaries) to find out which animal is causing damage to the crop. They claim that in case of one farmer, it was found that domestic animals were damaging the crops of the farmer. In another case no animals were spotted when the camera trap was installed

It is possible that the farmers want wild boar to be declared vermin so that it can be killed easily, and then the meat can be used for cooking at home and in other places, Many of the dead wild animals have some commercial value, can be used for other applications