Why I Am Buying Two Hamster Cages

I came across a website the other day while searching for some new dog toys for my puppy. As I was looking around, I saw a couple of hamster cages which piqued my curiosity because my son has been asking for a hamster. They had a small selection so I decided to see if there was another website that had a bigger variety to choose from. It did not take very long to come to a site that was dedicated to these cages and all of the accessories a person could want. I have to admit that since I came across this that it really made think that getting my son this tiny pet would be a good thing. It would be fun for him and also help teach him a little bit about responsibility.

I had hamsters as pets when I was a small child and loved them. I wanted to pass this love for animals down to my son. Read more

Goa government revives poultry farming scheme

In Mumbai, there are many people selling small chicks and hens, so anyone interested can keep them at home.
However in goa there are almost no sellers for chicks and hens, for those who wish to keep a pet hen at home though homes are far bigger. The domain investor had enquired at a local poultry shop, and she was told that it was not possible to chicken, she would have to import them from elsewhere.

The goan government facing problems after the mining crisis, is now trying to encourage poultry farming, and is offering incentives to those who wish to start a poultry farm. At present most of eggs and chicken are imported to goa from other states.
According to the newspaper report, there are only 10 poultry farms in goa at present.
Before the mining boom, there were over 5000 poultry farms, now farmers have lost interest in keeping hens, though it is fairly lucrative and a passive source of income.

Anyone who can supply chicks and live hen at a reasonable price in panaji, goa can send an email to info@textads.in

Rats, mice hiding spoons, knives under stove on kitchen platforms

It was observed that there was a major decline in the number of spoons available in a home
The spoons appeared to be disappearing suddenly without any trace, and the family was forced, to purchase new spoons.
After a long time, the gas agency sent their employees to check the gas connection and the gas stove was moved from its usual position
Almost all the missing spoons were found under the stove
So it appears that the mice and rats in the house are carrying the spoons and storing them below the kitchen stove.
Any tips why these mice are hiding the spoons in this manner will be appreciated.