Why I Am Buying Two Hamster Cages

I came across a website the other day while searching for some new dog toys for my puppy. As I was looking around, I saw a couple of hamster cages which piqued my curiosity because my son has been asking for a hamster. They had a small selection so I decided to see if there was another website that had a bigger variety to choose from. It did not take very long to come to a site that was dedicated to these cages and all of the accessories a person could want. I have to admit that since I came across this that it really made think that getting my son this tiny pet would be a good thing. It would be fun for him and also help teach him a little bit about responsibility.

I had hamsters as pets when I was a small child and loved them. I wanted to pass this love for animals down to my son. The one thing that comes to mind the quickest is that I did not like cleaning the cage. My mother would often do this for me. But I remember one specific time she was cleaning the cage. She put my hamsters in the laundry tub so they could not escape and proceeded to clean the cage. She got distracted and had to do something else and forgot about my pets. Somebody else came down and washed a load of clothes which ultimately claimed the lives of my hamsters. I was devastated but I learned a valuable lesson.

Because of this, I am going to purchase a large hamster cage for toys, beds, and tunnels and also a small cage to transfer the hamsters to during cleaning of the larger cage. I am going to make sure my son learns the responsibility of owning a pet and also that history does not repeat itself.