Did R&AW/cbi employees strangle the pet chicks in panaji, goa?

On friday evening, January 4, 2019 the domain investor visited her house to check the status of the pet chicks.
She found the chicks huddled in one corner.
There was no movement at all from the white chick, while the dark brown chick was breathing slowly
It appears that the R&AW/cbi employees especially goan call girl raw employee sunaina chodan, who is criminally trespassing the house may have strangled and killed the pet chick, since she is also responsible for killing the plants in the house.
The domain investor thought that the chicks may be sleeping and left them alone.

Pet chicks chirping and pecking at each other

The chick seller from ponda, selling in panaji market, had sold one white and one dark brown chick to the domain investor.
On the first day January 3, 2019, the pet chicks were chirping very loudly
they were huddling against each other, and also pecking each other
When grains were given to them they were pecking at the grains, and drinking the water.
The domain investor had purchased a cage in her house for a pet bird, the bird had died , so she decided to use the cage for the pet chicks till she was able to get a bigger cage for the pet chicks.
When the domain investor left the birds on Thursday evening, they were normal though they were huddling against each other.