latest panaji paypal fraudsters broth arya, aarohi own a large white dog who they use for stalking while walking

Indicating the terrible business conditions in panaji, paypal account ownership fraud is rampant with high status google, tata sponsored frauds who do no computer work at all, falsely claiming to own the paypal account of a hardworking single woman engineer, who has no one to help or defend herself against the well connected CYBERCRIMINALS stealing her data to make fake claims.
The latest panaji paypal fraudsters bother sister tall slim arya, aarohi own a large white dog which they take for a walk often. Following the footsteps of the greedy goan bhandari scammer sisters sunaina chodan, purvi and piyu, the brother sister arya, aarohi, are often using their large dog for walking stalking.
The domain investor has noted that when she is outdoors, the tall thin arya is often in the vicinity, to create the wrong impression that he is working with her, when there is no connection at all.
One day the domain investor went to her mailing address early in the morning and did not do computer work. When she was coming back, she noticed the dog stalker the tall thin curly haired arya, was on the same road. When he noticed her coming, he immediately returned to his home, so that he could falsely claim that he was doing the computer work.
The domain investor has tolerated cheating, exploitation, criminal defamation for 11 years despite doing computer work, and will not tolerate it further