Pet cat escapes when electrician comes for repairs

Only people with plenty of money like domain fraudster raw/cbi employees especially gujju stock trader amita patel, goan bhandari sunaina chodan have plenty of money to keep pets like pet cats, dogs, others who are victims of government slavery like the domain investor struggle to pay their own daily expenses.

This reddit post of gauc39 exposes how some people have plenty of money to keep pet cats and spend Rs 30 k monthly on the cat hospital expenses. The poster got a lot of negative comments, since many of the reddit users are making less money despite being educated

So I hired an electrician from UrbanCompany. Once they were done the first guy didn’t wait for me to open the door, let my cat my escape, sort of tried to go after it and after the cat ran away he just gave up, didn’t bother to tell me the cat had escaped and they left. I was in a quick call and asked them to wait, the first guy didn’t and just went ahead to open the door while the second guy stayed back.

This was on Saturday July 9 with severe rains. After an hour of trying to find my cat, checked my CCTV and found out it had escaped.

After 4 hours under the heavy rain I found my cat about a block away under some bushes with a fractured hip joint. The area barely has any traffic (gated community), mostly bungalows so no high places to fall from and dog free, just some stray cats. I’m completely clueless as how a cat gets a fractured hip joint. Vet says it’s very rare and it’s only the second cat she has seen with this type of injury and it’s usually from blunt trauma.

So far the vet bills 30k INR. The cat has undergone FHO, and it’s looking at least at 4 month recovery and a permanent limp.

UrbanCompany has been completely unfazed by it and just apologized for the “trouble”.

What bothers me is that the electrician didn’t seem bothered at all, didn’t give a s*** and just left without telling me the cat had escaped or waiting for me to let him out.

You don’t even leave a house without the owner present but they were late to another appointment and in a rush, and I was attending a quick phone call so I asked them to wait a minute needless to say the first guy didn’t.