One of CBI employee gujju housewife naina’s pet crows dies

Because of the monthly cbi salary gifted to her by google, tata and the indian government for stalking and impersonating a google competitor, the eighth standard pass gujju housewife naina has plenty of money and wastes it cooking far more food daily than what she and her family could eat, unlike the family of the google competitor who rarely throw away unwanted food as they do not get free money from the indian government for fraud, stalking.

Almost daily the cbi employee gujju housewife naina is feeding the excess food to the crows in the area creating a nuisance to her neighbours in panaji, goa. Instead of putting the excess food in the middle of her own compound so that the crows will gather in her own compound, naina and her husband are keeping the food on the boundary wall with the neighbours creating a problem, as the crow droppings are damaging the property of the neighbour, who has limited money and is unable to paint the damaged property annually

On 4 September 2017, a neighbor of cbi employee naina found that one of the pet crows of cbi employee naina had died in her compound. There were no external marks of injury and the crow appeared to have died suddenly. The dead crow was lying on the plants damaging the plants. The crow appeared to have died recently, and through the eyes were covered with mud , no ants or other creatures had attacked the dead crow.

Farmers want wild boar and other animals to be declared vermin

People with a small kitchen garden find that the fruits and vegetables that they are growing are often damaged by pests like birds, crows,squirrels and they have to take a lot of measures to ensure that they enjoy the produce, The problem is faced on a larger scale by farmers and the media reported that the farmers in goa wanted the following animals to be declared as vermin
– wild boar
– flying squirrel
– macques (monkeys)
– porcupine
so that they could kill these animals without facing any punishment under the wildlife protection act. At present these animals are protected under the wildlife protection act, and the farmers claim that they are damaging a large part of their crop, often causing losses of Rs 5-6 lakh, so they wish to declare them as vermin. In some states in north India like bihar, protected animals like nilgai are declared as vermin, as they destroy the crops

Cruelty to animals and humans in India


There are many organizations working for the welfare of animals like SPCA, society of prevention for animals, PETA, people for ethical treatment of animals and these organizations are well funded, getting good coverage the mainstream media of india, and have no trouble getting financial help .

However in 2017, many harmless indian citizens, especially domain investors are treated worse than animals , tortured with radiation weapons causing very great pain. The indian security and intelligence agencies are living up to the prediction of the late British prime minister Winston Churchill, who in his 1931 speech, “our duty in India” that brahmins who will rule independent india, will treat their fellow citizens worse than animals

While peta, spca and other ngos will help the animals in distress, no one helps the domain investors who are treated worse than animals in india in 2017, tortured with the most sophisticated radiation and other wireless weapons available with ntro.

Hen, chicken, ducks, quails

Hen, chicken, poultry like ducks, turkey, quail, are kept in many farms for their eggs and also for meat. While the local hen varieties are yielding only few eggs, they are more hardy and resistant to diseases. However in the last decade, few people are keeping hens in their homes in small towns and their suburbs

On the other hand, imported and hybrid chicken are very vulnerable to disease, and in poultry farms, infectious diseases are known to infect a large number of hens, leading to an increase in the price of eggs.

Most poultry farms have specialized vets who deal with hens, ensure that they are healthy and increase their yield. The cost of a rooster or duck is approximately Rs 400-500 in a small town

Bat guano removal services

Most of the animal pest control services which offer bat removal services will also include bat guano cleanup services as part of their package. The bat guano which has unpleasant odour can adhere to the surface in the attic and is often difficult to remove use conventional methods by home owners. The bat guano will be accumulated in a number of places in the house like the roof , walls, attic, soffit or ground depending on the number, type of bats in the property and the duration for which the bats have been roosting in the property.

For complete removal of bat guano, specialized cleaning equipment is required including high pressure vaccuum to extricate the guano from the surfaces, hoses and insulation bags. In some cases, if the bat guano is deposited on the rolled insulated of the attic, the entire insulation may have to be removed and safely disposed of complying with the local regulatory requirements.

After removing all the bat guano in the house the home may have to be disinfected, sanitized to kill all the bacteria, virus and other ectoparasites which are not easily visible with foggers and paint sprayers. To eliminate the foul odour caused by droppings, the attic and other areas in the house may also have to be deodorized.

Rabies caused by bats, ectoparasites

Another major disease caused by bats is rabies and it is spread by an airborne virus without any direct contact with the bat. People who are in the same room as a bat, are advised to get anti rabies treatment which is both expensive and painful

The bats have a large number of ectoparasites like mites, fleas, bat bugs, ticks and flies in the bat guano and elsewhere. Even after getting rid of the bats, these ectoparasites will remain in the house, and try to reside on the pets and human beings in the house.

So it is advisable to get rid of the bats and also remove the bat guano deposited in the house thoroughly to avoid healthcare problems at the earliest.

Health problems caused by bats

Increasingly due to the loss of their natural habitat, bats are taking shelter in residential and other properties. Though they are largely silent and may not be detected by the home owner for a long period of time, the bats can become a major health hazard and also damage the property with their droppings. In the wild bat guano is used as a fertilizer, however home owners should find out about Bat guano dangers and clean up services if they find any bat in their house, especially in the attic and roofing area, which is not regularly used or visited by those residing in the house.

The amount of bat guano depends on the number of bats roosting in the house, and for how long the bats have been roosting in the house. The odor from the bat guano can make it unpleasant to live in the house as the guano in enclosed places like the attic does not disintegrate quickly like in the open.

The droppings also include potentially dangerous bacteria, virus, disease causing germs, pathogens and fungus. In particular Histoplasmosis, a fungus which flourishes on the bat droppings, is a major health hazard for both people and pets. As the bat guano dries, and the bats or humans disturb it, the pathogens in the bat guano become air borne and spread all over the house becoming a health hazard.

Pets and diseases caused to humans

While a pet can be a good source of entertainment, one of the main considerations while keeping a pet is the possibility that it will cause some disease to the owner and his or her family. The problem is particularly severe if there are small children, babies in the family, and senior citizens as they are more likely to cause diseases to these family members who have relatively lower immunity levels

It is observed that pets which will roam freely in the house like cats,dogs are more likely to cause illness to family members compared to small pets like fish and birds which are confined to the fish bowl, fish tank or cage . Cats, dogs are likely to attract pests like bugs, fleas which can spread many infectious diseases. Additionally the dogs may bite, cats may scratch causing injury.

So in a house with small children, it is better to keep fish and birds as pets compared to keeping cats and dogs, who can also damage the furniture and other items in the house .Some time ago, avian flu was caused by birds, however the problem has reduced to a very great extent.

Demand for pet animals for movies, videos, television serials

Keeping pet animals can be a very lucrative hobby for some, as there is a lot of demand for pet animals for movies, videos and television serials .
In India, the wealth of a person does not depend on his or her ability, honesty, work ethic, it depends to a large extent on how well connected the person is, the relationship with the all powerful indian intelligence and security agencies. So if a person is well connected, he or she can make plenty of money with relatively less effort, and these people lead a very lavish life, splurging when celebrating events like weddings, parties and anniversaries
They are willing to pay a huge amount for making any event very unique
So for novelty the event planners or event management company will often include animals as part of their routine or show. Most of these animals are sourced from pet owners who are paid a daily amount or a fixed amount for the duration of the shoot or use of animals
In addition to dogs, cats, pigeons are also often in demand
For example in a newspaper classified ad in a goan newspaper, the advertiser wanted six white pigeons for some time. There are many pigeons in goa, however most of the pigeons are grey pigeons unlike mumbai, where white pigeons are more likely to be spotted
So owners of exotic pets can make some money leasing these pets for shows and other events.

R&AW employee sex worker sunaina’s pet dog attacks elderly vegetable/fruit vendor

Though she is getting a monthly R&AW salary for faking ownership of domain names, including this one for more than 3 years, google, tata sponsored goan obc bhandari R&AW employee sex worker sunaina is extremely miserly and refuses to pay the market price or annual expenses for domain names, websites.
However due to the monthly R&AW salary gifted to her by google, tata, the pampered panaji raw employee sunaina has plenty of money to keep pet dogs and she has two different pet dogs, both brown and white in colour, though of different breeds

Dog owners are responsible for any activity of the dog, especially when the dog will bite others. An elderly vegetable/fruit vendor who must be over 60 years in age, who is selling fruits and vegetables in campal and other areas, complained that R&AW employee sex worker sunaina’s pet dog had attacked her , due to which she had to take a number of injections.

So now google, tata sponsored R&AW employee sex worker sunaina and her family are keeping their pet dog locked inside the house, when they are away, so that he will only bark, not bite harmless innocent people