Three pet dogs ensured that the computer work fraud of goan bhandari R&AW employee sunaina chodan, and her sisters were not exposed

The intelligence and security agency employees in goa, are always criminally trespassing on the house of the domain investor, to find out what is there in the house, and stealing whatever they feel like.
Yet in a clear example of the lack of honesty, personal integrity of the security and intelligence agencies, in panaji, goa, they are blindly believing in the lies of the goan bhandari R&AW employee call girl sunaina chodan, and her lazy fraud sisters purvi, piyali, who are not doing any computer work, yet shamelessly making fake claims with the help of fraud companies like google, tata
R&AW employee call girl sunaina chodan and her sisters have three pet dogs, so no one criminally trespasses their house, and checks whether they have computers for doing computer work, the goa government blindly believes in all the lies of sunaina and her sister to give the liar goan bhandari sisters great powers, salaries.

Dogs used to block people on roads and issue death threats in panaji, goa by R&AW employee sunaina’s sister

In panaji, goa, young goan bhandari R&AW employee sunaina chodan’s sister has perfected the art of using dogs to block people and issue death threats.

Usually it is difficult to meet a person and issue death threats, the phone call will be disconnected, a person will not let anyone hostile enter their house and they will also not go for any meeting if they suspect that the person is hostile

So sunaina’s sister is loitering on the road in panaji, goa, pretending to take the dog for a walk, while she is actually waiting to block the path and issue death threats to the domain investor who she hates
When sunaina’s hysterical sister spots the domain investor, she uses her dog to block the road, and then issues threats.
On 7 december 2019, R&AW employee sunaina’s sister was about to physically assault the domain investor, the domain investor told her that if she tried to even touch her, she would file a police complaint. She was also not letting the domain investor go away using her dog. Finally after ranting and issuing a death threat, the hysterical dog owner allowed the domain investor to leave

the domain investor is a peace loving citizen who does not harm or threaten anyone, yet the goa security agencies are falsely labelling the domain investor a security threat for the last 10 years to deny her fundamental rights, rob her correspondence. On the other hand, raw employee sunaina, and her sister are issuing death and violence threats repeatedly in panaji, goa against the domain investor , yet no action is taken against them at all.

Dog bite statistics

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Though dogs are the most popular pets worldwide, many people are scared of going near dogs because they may bite them. Dog bites are painful, can cause infection and in some cases are fatal, resulting in death. The Dog bite statistics released by the Center for Disease Control in the United States (US) indicate that approximately 4.7 million people are bitten by dogs in the United States every year. Out of these about 800,000 of these dog bite victims will require medical help. There are more than 78 million dogs in the United States. Hence people would like to find out why dogs bite and What should you do if you get bit by a dog.

Since there are a large number of dog breeds whose size and bite varies, the damage caused when a dog bites will also vary greatly. Statistical data indicates that certain types of dogs are more like to bite, and these are Chihuaha, Bull Dog, Pit Bull, German and Australian shepherd dog, Lhasa Apso. Though small dogs may bite often they cause minor injuries. For approximately 80% of the dog bites, the injuries are not significant, so medical help is not required. It is observed that dogs who are not neutered or spayed are likely to be more aggressive and cause dog bites. Postal service employees are likely to be bitten by dogs due to the nature of their job, and more than 6200 employees suffered from dog bites in 2017

Dogs will usually bite when they are scared, threatened or face a stressful situation. They may also bite to protect themselves, their puppies or the owner. The dog may also bite if it is startled or not feeling well. The treatment of the dog bite depends to a large extent on the damage caused by the dog bite. In some cases, it may be a superficial bite on the surface of the skin, while in other cases, there may be a lot of damage to the skin, tendons, and bleeding. The treatment also depends if the victim is familiar with the dog, the history of the dog is unknown or a stray dog.

Hamsters no longer available in panaji,pet store

Hamsters are popular pets in Western countries since they are easy to maintain
A pet store in panaji had 4-5 hamsters of different colors
They were costing approximately Rs 750 each
They were kept in a small box with wood filings
It appears that the hamsters sold out, and there are no hamsters available in end august

Panaji shameless ruthless gujju fraudster brothers karan, nikhil falsely claim to be human, playing with their pet dog

Some of the most ruthless panaji fraudsters are young gujju brothers karan, nikhil, sons of the gujju school dropout cbi employee housewife naina chandan, who looks like actress sneha wagh, who shamelessly and falsely claim to own the house of the domain investor to get a monthly raw/cbi salary for the last 6 years with the help of the sundar pichai led google, tata, though they do not have any property papers, and also no proof of payment
The gujju fraudster family are involved in a very elaborate real estate fraud in panaji, yet they are extremely good actors, pretending to be very honest and kind.
So this fraud family is regularly keeping food out for the crows
Additionally they have a brown and white dog, and the fraudster brothers are often playing with their pet dog

In india, harmless engineers from top colleges, treated worse than animals by cruel sex addict LIAR ntro employees, and no one helps them

Monster ntro employees led by j srinivasan do not face any professional or social censure for human rights abuses of harmless private citizens who are treated worse than animals

In India there are many organizations which are fighting for animals rights like PETA, there is no one fighting for prevention of cruelty to harmless indian citizens by the cruel animal like ntro employees like j srinivasan, who are wasting indian taxpayer money to cause them great pain daily using the latest torture equipment acquired by ntro

In a clear indication of the worsening condition of harmless educated women in India whose identity is ROBBED by ntro employees to enjoy free sex with tata supplied call girls, get jobs for their lazy greedy relatives, bribes, ntro is now using a new torture method for causing pain to the engineer
The domain investor is subjected to a new torture method, and she is experiencing pain at the back of her neck in panaji, goa
This forced her to purchase some caps, however they are not covering the area behind the neck
Monster ntro employee j srinivasan still refuses to acknowledge that he is doing something wrong, he has no right to torture a harmless private citizen without a legally valid reason using the latest wireless technology

Unidentified pests are eating up even seeds kept in house

Maintaining multiple houses is a major challenge because pests are very active and eat up everything at night
There is no way to identify which pest is responsible for the problem
The domain investor had kept some seeds of the six o clock plant on a stool, after a few days, part of the seeds were eaten
They are also eating up all the smaller plastic bottles which are kept.
Any tips to identify and trap these pests will be greatly appreciated.

Pests are extremely aggressive in eating up seeds and other items

Dealing with various pests remains a major challenge for people living in goa

Maintaining multiple houses is a major challenge because pests are very active and eat up everything at night
There is no way to identify which pest is responsible for the problem
The domain investor had kept some seeds of the six o clock plant on a stool, after a few days, part of the seeds were eaten
They are also eating up all the smaller plastic bottles which are kept.
Any tips to identify and trap these pests will be greatly appreciated

The pests are also eating up all the seeds in the garden, especially if the pots are kept on the terrace.

Did R&AW/cbi employees strangle the pet chicks in panaji, goa?

On friday evening, January 4, 2019 the domain investor visited her house to check the status of the pet chicks.
She found the chicks huddled in one corner.
There was no movement at all from the white chick, while the dark brown chick was breathing slowly
It appears that the R&AW/cbi employees especially goan call girl raw employee sunaina chodan, who is criminally trespassing the house may have strangled and killed the pet chick, since she is also responsible for killing the plants in the house.
The domain investor thought that the chicks may be sleeping and left them alone.

Pet chicks chirping and pecking at each other

The chick seller from ponda, selling in panaji market, had sold one white and one dark brown chick to the domain investor.
On the first day January 3, 2019, the pet chicks were chirping very loudly
they were huddling against each other, and also pecking each other
When grains were given to them they were pecking at the grains, and drinking the water.
The domain investor had purchased a cage in her house for a pet bird, the bird had died , so she decided to use the cage for the pet chicks till she was able to get a bigger cage for the pet chicks.
When the domain investor left the birds on Thursday evening, they were normal though they were huddling against each other.