Dairy development budget

Rs 10881 Crore budget for dairy development in India in next 11 years ( around Rs 1000 crore per annum).The break up is as follows :

Beneficiary : 95 lakhs Farmers in 50000 villages ( meaning 190 farmer per village ( on an average)
Employment : 40000 direct and 200000 indirect jobs.
Break up of 10881 Crores :
From Nabard as a loan : Rs 8004 Crores to be provided to NDDB and NCDC
End borrowers contribution : Rs 2001 Crores
NDDB and NCDC Contribution : Rs 12 Crores
Dairy department against
interest subvention : Rs 864 Crores

Infrastructure development

a. Milk processing Capacity : 126 Lakh Litres per day
b. Milk Drying Capacity : 210 Tonnes ( Milk equivalent 20-25 lakh Litre per day)
c. Chilling Capacity : 140 Lakh Litres per day
d. Bulk Milk cooler : 28000 BMC of 5000 liters for creating 140 lakh liter milk chilling capacity per day along with milk adulteration testing machines

Crows eat mouse caught in glue trap

The mouse eating the plants in the terrace garden was caught in the glue trap immediately, and it appeared to have died in the next morning itself. The dead animal was emmitting a strong odour and a large number of flies wanted to feast on it, however they were also trapped.
On the next day, the rat trap was in the same place, however the dead rat appeared to have disappeared
The crows may have attacked and eaten the deat rat as food
However there are a large number of dead flies still on the rat trap. The odour emitted had also largely subsided
It appears that glue traps are an effective way of catching rats and mouse, especially in a small area.

Taiyo turtle food pack broken and scattered due to home intrusions in panaji, goa

Almost nothing is disturbed in the Mumbai home of the google competitor when she is not there for months, however in panaji, goa due to the endless fraud the google competitor, engineer is being subjected to, almost every day some thing is damaged by the google, tata employees and their associates in panaji, goa after entering the house with duplicate keys.
After breaking the branches of a teak tree, ajwain plant and papaya plant , the intruders in campal area did not even leave a pack of taiyo turtle food intact. The taiyo turtle food was expensive costing Rs 80 and had hardly been used.
The taiyo turtle food pack was ripped open and all the food was scattered on the floor of the house, indicating the high levels of hatred in panaji, goa , causing problems to the google competitor and the red eared slider turtle

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Rats/mice damaging plants on the terrace

Growing plants on the ground is risky for the google competitor, because the local officials hired by google are damaging and stealing the plants. Additionally the rats are also eating the roots of the plants, killing them. So the google competitor starting focussing on growing plants on the terrace as the officials allegedly hired by google,tata would feel tired to climb to the terrace.

However she found that the terrace plants were also being damaged. Initially she thought that the squirrels, crows and sparrows were attacking the plants, especially a bean plant whose stalk was being damaged repeatedly. A conventional aluminum/steel snap trap was not working as the pests would avoid the trap, and it was also getting damaged in the rains.

So a glue trap was laid and it immediately yielded results, as a rat/mouse was caught in the glue trap

Young women with small black dog for lift stalking in st inez, panaji, goa

The gigolo type security and intelligence employees in panaji, goa who have been purchased by google,tata to shamelessly abuse their powers to lie and defame the google competitor and domain investor in panaji, refusing to acknowledge the time and money invested by her. These goan gigolo government employees will falsely claim that their lazy greedy cheater relatives and friends like goan gsb fraud cbi employee housewife extortionist riddhi nayak who looks like kangana ranaut, who do not spend any money on domain names, own the domain names of the google competitor to get a monthly cbi salary.
On 17 september 2017, the panaji gigolo government employees sent a look alike of goan gsb fraud housewife riddhi, with curly hair, wearing a yellow orange tshirt, light grey short pants,another young woman, and a small black dog for lift stalking in st inez , panaji, goa, pressing the button for the 5th floor at around 6.40 pm as part of the harassment methods
Though income tax returns,financial records will prove that the google, tata sponsored panaji fraud R&AW/CBI employee ridddhi nayak,gujju housewife naina, goan obc bhandari sex worker sunaina chodan, have never invested any money in domain names in their life, the security and intelligence employees in panaji have worse morals than prostitutes and gigolos,so they have been purchased by google, tata to abuse their powers, waste indian tax payer money to dupe people with their lies about domain ownership
Why do google, tata sponsored panaji fraud R&AW/CBI employees goan gsb fraud housewife riddhi nayak,gujju housewife naina, goan obc bhandari sex worker sunaina chodan not legally purchase the domain names of a google competitor paying the market price, when will the GREAT GOOGLE GOAN ONLINE FRAUD end

now every lift stalking incident will be described in very great detail as free non duplicate content created by the gigolo security and intelligence employees of panaji, goa purchased by google, tata

Black flies attacking beans

Preventing or reducing the damage by pest to crops can be a very lucrative business. even a person growing a few plants in a kitchen garden as hobby will admit that a lot of damage is being caused.
For example in panaji, goa, small black flies are covering almost all the beans , killing them rapidly, not allowing the beans to grow in September 2017, in panaji, goa .
Often the squirrels and other pests are also eating up all the beans causing losses.

One of CBI employee gujju housewife naina’s pet crows dies

Because of the monthly cbi salary gifted to her by google, tata and the indian government for stalking and impersonating a google competitor, the eighth standard pass gujju housewife naina has plenty of money and wastes it cooking far more food daily than what she and her family could eat, unlike the family of the google competitor who rarely throw away unwanted food as they do not get free money from the indian government for fraud, stalking.

Almost daily the cbi employee gujju housewife naina is feeding the excess food to the crows in the area creating a nuisance to her neighbours in panaji, goa. Instead of putting the excess food in the middle of her own compound so that the crows will gather in her own compound, naina and her husband are keeping the food on the boundary wall with the neighbours creating a problem, as the crow droppings are damaging the property of the neighbour, who has limited money and is unable to paint the damaged property annually

On 4 September 2017, a neighbor of cbi employee naina found that one of the pet crows of cbi employee naina had died in her compound. There were no external marks of injury and the crow appeared to have died suddenly. The dead crow was lying on the plants damaging the plants. The crow appeared to have died recently, and through the eyes were covered with mud , no ants or other creatures had attacked the dead crow.

Farmers want wild boar and other animals to be declared vermin

People with a small kitchen garden find that the fruits and vegetables that they are growing are often damaged by pests like birds, crows,squirrels and they have to take a lot of measures to ensure that they enjoy the produce, The problem is faced on a larger scale by farmers and the media reported that the farmers in goa wanted the following animals to be declared as vermin
– wild boar
– flying squirrel
– macques (monkeys)
– porcupine
so that they could kill these animals without facing any punishment under the wildlife protection act. At present these animals are protected under the wildlife protection act, and the farmers claim that they are damaging a large part of their crop, often causing losses of Rs 5-6 lakh, so they wish to declare them as vermin. In some states in north India like bihar, protected animals like nilgai are declared as vermin, as they destroy the crops

Cruelty to animals and humans in India



There are many organizations working for the welfare of animals like SPCA, society of prevention for animals, PETA, people for ethical treatment of animals and these organizations are well funded, getting good coverage the mainstream media of india, and have no trouble getting financial help .

However in 2017, many harmless indian citizens, especially domain investors are treated worse than animals , tortured with radiation weapons causing very great pain. The indian security and intelligence agencies are living up to the prediction of the late British prime minister Winston Churchill, who in his 1931 speech, “our duty in India” that brahmins who will rule independent india, will treat their fellow citizens worse than animals

While peta, spca and other ngos will help the animals in distress, no one helps the domain investors who are treated worse than animals in india in 2017, tortured with the most sophisticated radiation and other wireless weapons available with ntro.

Hen, chicken, ducks, quails

Hen, chicken, poultry like ducks, turkey, quail, are kept in many farms for their eggs and also for meat. While the local hen varieties are yielding only few eggs, they are more hardy and resistant to diseases. However in the last decade, few people are keeping hens in their homes in small towns and their suburbs

On the other hand, imported and hybrid chicken are very vulnerable to disease, and in poultry farms, infectious diseases are known to infect a large number of hens, leading to an increase in the price of eggs.

Most poultry farms have specialized vets who deal with hens, ensure that they are healthy and increase their yield. The cost of a rooster or duck is approximately Rs 400-500 in a small town